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Aims & Objectives   

The core objective of the LCIS is:-

To advance the education of the public in the knowledge of the art, practice and value of oral storytelling and in the knowledge of the form and content of the oral traditions of all the peoples and cultures of the world by actively promoting the exploration and sharing of oral traditions, storytelling and stories.

The LCIS operates through its public project The Crick Crack Club.

The LCIS aims to:
  Give the public access to performances, exhibitions and workshops of storytelling and related traditional narrative arts.
  Raise public awareness of the power and versatility of storytelling as a performance art and in education.
  Promote best practice in contemporary performance storytelling; set standards; encourage artistic excellence and support innovation.
  Value and promote storytelling traditions from the UK's culturally diverse populations.
  Use storytelling to develop oral communication skills within the home and in wider society.
  Create opportunities for the celebration of mother tongue traditions and international and inter-communal communication through storytelling.
  Attract new and diverse audiences and practitioners of all ages to storytelling.
  Offer artists, working in other media, training and professional development to increase their understanding of narrative patterns, traditional tales and mythic imagery.